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A Message from the President

Once in a while there are extraordinary technical changes in the HVAC/R industry. Over the last 30 years these changes have included solid state electronics, compressors, plate heat exchangers, new refrigerants and, now, all aluminum brazed coils, based on Micro-Channel Technology.    We at Alcoil, are committed to this technology change in airside coils and condensers.

What drives the HVAC/R market today are several key factors:

  • Need for higher energy efficiency
  • Need for smaller packaging
  • Need to reduce high cost copper use
  • Need to Lower refrigerant charge and to change to R410a and future refrigerants

As things evolve in the HVAC/R industry, our efforts are aimed to improve human comfort, food processing, energy efficiency, and equipment reliability. If we trace the evolution of aluminum brazed coils, I can truly thank the automotive industry for developing this technology, so that Alcoil could develop a derivative air coil for HVAC/R users….one that is robust and cost effective.

In a nutshell, it is important to provide “heat” or “cold” in a smaller package, with more end user benefits and features, and at a lower cost, with the best customer support possible.   This customer focused motivation, combined with new aluminum brazed technology, forms the basis of Alcoil as a manufacture of all-aluminum brazed coils.  We employ our HVAC/R systems knowledge, application experience, heat transfer, materials, manufacturing processes, software systems and proven experience…to provide both product and support to our industry.  

We trust, and we know, that All-Aluminum Brazed Coils are a major change and a highly recognized improvement in the HVAC/R industry.   This is Alcoil’s commitment and dedication.

About the Company

Alcoil is a premier manufacturer and developer of brazed aluminum heat exchangers for the HVAC and industrial process industries. Features include all aluminum construction, copper connections, mounting brackets and built-in mini receiver. Sizes range from 1 to 40 tons, and are used for airside condensers, evaporators, heating/cooling coils, oil coolers, and process applications. Alcoil supports a wide range of OEM applications.

For more information on Alcoil and its products call 717-347-7500 or visit www.alcoil.net.

Steven Wand
President & CEO
Alcoil, Inc.