Why EVAPCO Alcoil Heat Exchangers?

The HVAC/R and industrial process industries are switching to brazed aluminum heat exchangers. This is evidenced by the wide use of Micro-Channel condensers from ½ ton to 200 ton systems by major HVAC/R manufacturers and many OEMs using EVAPCO Alcoil.

Driven by high cost of copper, energy efficiency improvements, customer requirements, and smaller equipment packages, consider EVAPCO Alcoil advantages:

Higher Efficiency & Performance

Up to 40% higher efficiency, compared to old style fin/tube designs. Advanced Micro-Channel technology, combines integrally brazed airside fins to achieve higher heat transfer rates, closer approach temperatures and lower airside pressure drops.

Smaller Size

Up to 30% smaller coil face depending upon the design conditions. And almost always, EVAPCO Alcoil heat exchangers are thinner and take up less space.

Less Weight

Up to 50% less weight. This reduces shipping costs, minimizes equipment structural support, and reduces labor to install.

Less Refrigerant Charge

Typically 40% to 60% less refrigerant charge required.

Lower Cost

All aluminum, high performance, and less weight - translates to 5% to 30% lower cost, depending upon design conditions.